Tommy Boy & Little Blue – ADOPTED

Tawny BoyTOMMY BOY:  PUREBRED NEAPOLITAN MASTIFF PUPPY Approx. 10 months old, tawny w/beautiful green eyes, neutered male, current w/all vaccinations, microchipped, energetic, wonderful temperament. Will be quite large when fully developed.  Picture doesn’t do him justice, he is gorgeous.

Tommy Boy and Little Blue have been adopted – together – and are doing fantastic in their new home & with their new family.

Little BlueLITTLE BLUE:   PUREBRED NEAPOLITAN MASTIFF Approx. 24 months old, blue w/brindle color, spayed female, current w/all vaccinations, microchipped, great temperament, our “mini Mastina” smaller in size, about 100#, 3/4 docked tail, natural ears.  LOVES “Tommy Boy”, they were picked up by our friends at Washoe County roaming together, very thin, hungry & cold.

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