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Sugarland Ranch is a dog boarding program open to the public 


Sugarland Ranch was established in 2001 by Mack and Robyn. In September, 2004, Honey Bear’s Country Kennels, a dog boarding program, named after one of their beloved Old English Mastiffs, was opened to the public. Honey Bear’s Country Kennels remains the primary dog boarding program of Sugarland Ranch that helped to support Sugarland’s previous non-profit Mission and programs.

Mack has a background in juvenile probation. Robyn is a licensed physical therapist in California and Nevada. She became one of the first physical therapists to become recognized by the State of Nevada Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners as an Animal Physical Therapist and continues to mentor other practitioners in this area.

In Loving Memory of



September 26, 2009 – July 16, 2021

To our beloved “Cakes”, you blessed us with your presence September 26, 2010 referred by the Nevada Humane Society. You were named “BabyCakes”, combining the names of two of our beloved Companions who left us in 2010, carrying their legacies. You were our very first Presa and what a joy you have been. We so much miss your companionship especially our many walks in the desert on our beloved Sugarland Ranch. Your Auntie Opal played such a huge part in your life. She was with us at the beginning and at the end.



Co-Founders & Program Directors

Mack McKinley
Robyn Roth, PT, APT, MPA


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