Contact Us

If you have any questions about our programs or our non-profit organization feel free to contact us:
Mack McKinley and Robyn Roth
Sugarland Ranch, Inc.
3510 Matterhorn Blvd.
Reno, NV 89506

Phone: 1(775) 970-5350
Cell: 1(775) 544-3811
Fax: 1(775) 970-5183
When calling from Reno/Sparks areas, must dial “1” and the area code




Driving instructions

  • From Reno, take US-395 N.
  • Exit # 74 Lemmon Dr.
  • Bear right onto Lemmon Dr.
  • Go 4.8 miles on Lemmon Dr.
  • Turn right onto Waterash St.
  • Turn right onto Tupelo Dr.
  • Turn left onto Matterhorn Blvd.
  • Approximately 3 miles up on the Left.
Alternate driving instructions if Lemmon Drive should become closed in the future

  • Exit 74 from 395 N (Lemmon Drive)
  • Military road ( 2nd traffic signal) get in left lane, turn left onto Military
  • Echo turn right and begin to follow the “snake-like” driving around Swan Lake, Echo blend into
  • Mt. Limbo, turn right blending into
  • Bravo, turn right which blends into
  • Albert, turn left
  • Ramsey (stop sign), turn left to
  • Lemmon, turn right
  • Oregon, turn left and follow Oregon all the way around to
  • Matterhorn, turn left, follow Matterhorn to Sugarland Ranch, 3510 Matterhorn Blvd., on the left side of the road

When leaving Sugarland Ranch, reverse the instructions; HOWEVER, after you turn left on Ramsey, some of the streets change names. So you will:

  • Turn right out of Sugarland driveway to Matterhorn
  • Oregon, turn right, follow around to
  • Lemmon, turn right to
  • Ramsey, turn left to
  • Albert, turn right
  • Follow this road around in a “snake-like” pattern and Swan lake will be on your left, follow around to
  • Mt. Limbo, turn left, this becomes
  • Echo, turn right, takes you to
  • Military, turn left, takes you out to Lemmon, turn right to the freeway



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