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Sugarland Ranch is a no kill animal sanctuary. Our current Mastiff program is requiring extensive resources for on-going and likely lifetime, medical, behavioral and geriatric care.  Given the necessary on-going financial support, we are unable to accept any more Mastiffs at this time.

We do however receive calls from Owners attempting to surrender their Mastiffs and/or calls from the various Shelter programs notifying us of Mastiffs desperately in need of re-homing. We are actively providing assistance with:

  • Counseling Owners who want to re-home their Mastiff, and coordinating with people who are looking to adopt a Mastiff.
  • Screening for behavior and/or medical complications as well as assistance with referral to Veterinarians.
  • Necessary documentation including, but not limited to, a screening tool, foster care and adoptive care Agreements.
  • On-going support through the re-homing process and information and referral to qualified out of area large breed rescues that may be in a more positive position to assist.

You may contact us at 1-775-970-5350 (must dial area code from Reno/Spark area) regarding services we are able to provide and/or to discuss specific situations and/or individual Mastiffs.



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