Mastiff Rescue Operations


Bubba Bear
Bubba Bear 2001-2008

Mastiff Rescue Operations was established in 1998 and was expanded once Sugarland Ranch was incorporated in 2001 as a non-profit community based agency.  To date, we have re-homed approximately 70 dogs.  We have also assisted with re-homing dogs other than the Mastiff breed by coordinating with shelters and other agencies.  At the current time, we have Mastiffs here at Sugarland who are not adoptable either for medical and/or behavioral reasons.  We are unable to accept and more Mastiffs into our program at the current time due to financial and emotional constraints.  That being said, we will assist legitimate inquirers about re-homing their Mastiffs through networking and/or counseling re: what NOT to do and how to go about attempting to find qualified new homes.  Mastiffs are a big responsibility and absorb resources, that is why we insist on carrying pet insurance on dogs to mitigate financial exposure and to give peace of mind when emergencies occur requiring expert veterinary care.

Visit our successful adoptions to see many of the animals we have helped.


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